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Tips & Tricks for Microsoft 365 in the mobile

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Microsoft Office 365 in the Mobile

New or experienced in Office 365, here are some tips for phone / tablet usage when using Office 365.

The background to these tips is that you should use Office 365 as your primary place for "everything". Therefore, you should also use the mobile apps that are available for Office 365, and e.g. do not use the phone's built-in calendar. Both Android and iPhone require you to use their account types to start up the phone, and it is then easy to believe that you should also use their apps for email, calendar and contacts. You should replace them with the apps for Office 365 instead, or connect pre-installed apps with your Office 365 account.

Some arguments why "everything" should be in Office 365

• Everything is safe in Microsoft Office 365
• You can use any device and always access all your data
• When changing computer / mobile / tablet, it is quick to access your data again

App Skärmar
New phone
New phone / Tablet

Once you have fixed or decided which account to use on the phone, it is time to adapt the phone / tablet. Once everything is done that the device provider wants you to do on the phone, then it's time to add customization for Office 365.

Now install the Microsoft apps from the App Store / Google Play:
• Outlook
• OneDrive
• Office
• Teams
In each app, you log in with your Office 365 account, ie your email address.
There are many more Microsoft apps for Office 365 that you can choose to install as needed.

Both Android and iPhone require you to use Apple and Google's own account types to start up the phone. These account types usually end in @icloud and @gmail, respectively. But you can also have your Office 365 email address as such an account. If you want to do this, create a Google / Apple ID on a computer BEFORE you customize your phone (tablet). Note that if you create an account in this way, it has the same username as your e-mail address in Office 365 , but it is otherwise completely different your Office 365 account. are completely different passwords, because there are different accounts.

So you have then:
• An Office 365 account, your email address is your username
• A Google or Apple ID (with the same username as the Office 365 account)

The Google / Apple ID created in this way has the same features as usual, except that mail, calendar and contacts are not handled by Google / Apple, those objects are in Microsoft Office 365.

The advantage of having a Google / Apple ID created with your company email address is that email, calendar and contacts are in Office 365 where you have more space, higher security and excellent protection for spam and phishing etc.

You must have different passwords on each account (Office 365 versus Google / Apple ID) for security.

Mail / Calendar / Contacts

With the Outlook app on your computer, everything works at once. Just log in.

Outlook in the mobile / tablet also works well directly with email, calendar and contacts. But your contacts do not appear in the Phone app when you call or text them. You need to customize that feature for it to work. It is a bit different on iPhone versus Android, where Android can sync both ways, the phone app <-> Office 365, while in iPhone there is only one way, from Office 365 to the phone app. New contacts created in the Office 365 environment, in Outlook, will always be available in the phone app (and for SMS). If you have Android and want to save the number you called, you should save it from the phone app directly in Office 365, not on the phone or in Google. Unfortunately, if you have an iPhone, you still have to create a new contact in Outlook and enter (cut and paste?) The phone number there from the phone app - Apple does not support two-way syncing of contacts today.

The principle for setting this is:

Grant permissions

Specify that the Outlook app is authorized to use Calendar, Contacts, and Storage:
Android :
Settings -> Apps -> Outlook -> Permissions: Click Calendar / Contacts / Storage to set allowed.
iOS :
Settings -> Outlook -> Background update -> Turn on

Set to sync contacts in Outlook:
Outlook -> Settings -> [your Office 365 account] -> Sync contacts


Double check that you sync your contacts from Office 365 to Outlook on your phone / tablet:
1. Open the Outlook app
2. Press the menu button at the top left
3. Press the gear at the bottom
4. Tap your account (Office 365)
5. Verify that "Synchronize contacts" is turned on


Do not use the calendar app in your phone. Outlook replaces that app (if you do not like the calendar part of Outlook, there are other third-party apps that can be used). The calendar app in your phone is usually not compatible with Office 365 and if you use it you will not have access to your calendar linked to your email. For Android, Microsoft will provide calendar sync between Office 365 and the calendar app in Android in the fall of 2020, but right now there is no information about the same feature coming for the iPhone.

Double check that you sync your calendar from Office 365 to Outlook on your phone / tablet:
6. Open the Outlook app
7. Go to Calendar
8. Press the menu button at the top left
9. Check that "Calendar" is checked, appears at the top of the list, otherwise check it


Does it not work? Contact Vanjos or search for answers yourself on the internet, there are both articles and videos there that can help you.

Contacts, calendar, mail
Photos to OneDrive
Automatic save to OneDrive

Of course, you want to save the photos and movies you take safely in your OneDrive for Business. There you have 1 TB of storage, so that's enough for a while.


To set the automation:
Give OneDrive permission in the app settings for the phone to use the Camera.
Once you're there, make sure the OneDrive app is also authorized for Storage and Contacts.
2. Open the OneDrive app
3. Press "I"
4. Select Settings
5. Press the menu button at the top left
6. Select camera upload
7. Press Select camera upload account
8. Select your Office 365 account
9. Turn on camera charging and confirm
10. Turn on "Bring Videos" if you want recorded movies to be uploaded to your OneDrive


Kamerauppladdning Android.jpg

NOTE! It's not uncommon for Camera Upload to turn off automatically when the OneDrive app is updated (Android). Then you have to go through points 2-10 above again to activate.

The Office app
Office app & scanning

With the Office app in your phone, you can access all your documents and many more good features, including scan and save as PDF directly in OneDrive, SharePoint and Teams. Since everything that is saved in Office 365 is also easy to find via search, you can easily find what you are looking for in the Office app.

Scan to PDF and save to Office 365
Office mobile app sample.png

Go Digital!

Use the Office app to scan photos and documents directly to Office 365. You choose the format and location, in OneDrive, Teams / SharePoint. Because each team in Teams stores their files in SharePoint, you select SharePoint as the location even when you want to save in Teams.

If you save in Teams / SharePoint, everyone who has access to that site has direct access and can access your scan. If you save in OneDrive, you can share the file with others as well.

Teams in the mobile
Teams app

Work anywhere with anyone

Teams in your mobile or tablet allows you to do almost everything in Teams when you are not sitting at the computer. Call and meet, chat, work with files, participate in posts, etc. You can collaborate with all people, both within your organization outside.

Feel free to book a demo where we show examples of how to use Teams in your mobile.

Teams meeting 7x7.png

The text is autotranslated - reservation for gramatic errors or other typos

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