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Collaborating at Work

Collaboration in projects

We use Microsoft Teams to work together on projects

  • Conversations instead of emails

  • Create and share files

  • Chat, call and meet online

  • Keep track of progress and tasks

  • and more...

You can be one of two different types user types, see below


One-time password

Common model for Gmail or anyone who does not have a Microsoft Account or a Microsoft 365 account

You log in with a one-time password that you receive to your e-mail .

You may need to submit a new code request more than once when working in Teams.

Microsoft Authenticator

Can be used by all users regardless of mail system. Is usually a requirement for Microsoft accounts such as Hotmail, Live, or when you have a Microsoft 365 work or school account.

Log in using Microsoft Authenticator - a free mobile app - which helps you verify your identity. A one-time process is required to set up Microsoft Authenticator - you will be guided on the first login. Sometimes when you work in Teams, you may need to confirm your identity again with the Authenticator.

Enter your e-mail


2. Get a one-time code

a) Click on the blue text to get the code

b) Retrieve the code from the email you received

Login to Teams for Gmail account EN.png

3. Enter the code

c) Paste the code or enter it

d) Click the Sign in button

Login to Teams Enter verification code E

Contact Vanjos if you need or want to switch to the Microsoft Authenticator model.

Enter your e-mail

Password is provided if requested.


2. Confirm identity

If needed: On your mobile, open Microsoft Authenticator and confirm that you are you.

For the first time you will register as a Microsoft Authenticator user, follow the guide.

More about Microsoft Authenticator here


Start collaborating in Teams

Select organization if applicable

If you have access to more Teams organizations, then you should choose Vanjos (Guest) to join our common workspace.

Welcome to Team Select Organisation EN.p

The two most important collaboration functions in Teams in addition to meetings are

  • Posts

  • Files

On the left side is the navigation menu. Choose there:

  • Activities - What's happening

  • Chat - to chat and talk

  • Teams - all the teams you are part of

  • Files - All files gathered in one place

Each team has at least one channel .

On each channel there is a menu at the top with conversations and files. Use conversations to communicate within your team

Teams working with files in Google Drive

If you need to access Google Drive inside Teams, then you can add it there. Then you can also copy and move files to / from Teams and Google Drive. Other systems such as Dropbox is also supported.

Möten och samtal/chatt mm.

Chat and chat , including Video and screen sharing

You can do it with the people in  your teams within Vanjos.



As a Guest, you cannot schedule a meeting. But you can create a meeting now in a channel on a team. Everyone in the team can then join. Not all features are supported for guests.

NOTE! Both meetings and calls require you to use either

a) Teams Web with Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge

b) Teams app (Windows, Mac, mobile)



In many projects we use Planner to manage what needs to be done. When this is done, there is a link to Planner from the menu at the top of the channel (s) used. In Planner you can easily see what is planned and how everything is progressing. More about Planner here .

Längst ned till vänster i Teams hittar du en hjälp knapp - klicka där för mer information

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