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" Creativity is an experiment, it's about growing, taking risks, breaking rules and having fun in the meantime"

Vanjos offers tailored, dynamic websites for both small and large companies & associations.


Among the most important is that the site is responsive, ie that it works and works well on devices other than a computer. The website will work on tablets and mobiles.


Our ambition is to meet today's trends with creativity to create unique websites that give life to all brands.

Unique design.

- We offer imaginative web designers who like to think outside the box.

- We use the most modern technology and design. It is incredibly easy to use when you want to continue to maintain your website yourself.

- Our team lives for relentless curiosity - searching for new ideas & innovation.

- You will be able to change and design in the website without any knowledge of coding.


Tailor-made training & support.
- We teach you everything we can and give you support when you need it.

- We promise stylish designs and the most modern tools, and we teach you to use them.

Not everyone is the same.

- We work with something we call individual pricing where a relationship between our invested working hours and your possessive knowledge reflects what the products cost. With this, we want to produce more humane prices for the services we sell where our ambition is to meet our customers' needs and budget. We also do not bind our customers to any agreements after delivery, you own your site and do not need us, if you do not want. Do you have specific wishes? Get in touch and we will solve it!

We are there throughout the process. From beginning to end. Regardless of whether your company does not currently have a website or if you already have an existing website, we can help!

What do you work with?

We have packaged the best for you & your company

Every business has a story, and your visitors want to hear yours. A good looking website is a great place to give your customers a background on who you are, what your team does and what your business has to offer. Tell us about how you started and share your professional journey. Explain your core values, your commitment to customers and how you stand out from the crowd.

Black and White Creative Desk


When you want something out of the ordinary

  • WIX website

  • Unique Design & Layout

  • Dedicated pro web designer

  • Custom colors and fonts

  • Mobile adapted & verified

  • SEO connected to Google & Bing

  • Image bank

  • WIX standard functions/objects

  • Proofreading (2 times)

  • Domain connection

  • Project collaboration in MS Teams

Price from:


Website Pro addresses you ​ who wants a professional website. Here you get a web designer who creates your vision on the screen with your wishes. This is the base, add apps if and when you need it, so your site can grow with you - see some pricing examples with apps included below.

If you want, we can also teach you how to work with your site and give tips and advice. If you need more time, support and help, just contact us!

What do you need?

Choose optional add-ons for your site

Ordering a website has never been easier and maintaining and administering it is even easier!

Choose what you need for your website, all add-ons can be used on your new page on WIX.

Regardless of whether you choose to add them immediately or later, we are absolutely sure that regardless of the industry, you will get a website that will make it easier for both you and your customers, in a really nice way, that we can promise!

Hemsida med bokning


Integrated booking system

Website Pro plus:

  • Booking function

  • Settings (Bookings)

  • Selection of your treatments

  • Connection to your calendar

Hemsida Hotell


Rent out rooms / accommodation

Website Pro plus:

  • Booking function (Hotel/Room)

  • Selection of your rooms/accommodation

  • Payment options (online/onsite)

  • Management system for rooms/accommodations

Hemsida Restaurang


Is food your passion?

Website Pro plus:

  • Restaurant menu

  • Selection of your dishes

  • Mobile app for admin

Enkel wabbshop


Are you selling something?

Website Pro plus:

  • Selection of your products

  • Store settings

  • Customer care

  • Various shipping options

  • Various payment options

  • Facebook Shop

Hemsida Event


Events, meetings & work shop

Website Pro plus:

  • Event function

  • Settings (Events)

  • Selection of your events

  • Online/Onsite events

Enkel wabbshop


Do you want to get started quickly?

  • One Page Shop Layout

  • Selection of your products

  • Store settings

  • Customer care

  • Various shipping options

  • Various payment options

  • Facebook Shop

  • Mobile adapted

  • Domain connection

Blogger ' s Skrivbord

Optional extensions that can be added on all our websites - now or later

Build your site the way you want, add components - at anytime, here are some samples:

  • Blog / News

  • Forms

  • Easy Shop

  • Restaurant Menu

  • Community

  • Pop up pages

  • Unlimited number of pages

  • Booking - Services

  • Booking - Book a Table

  • Booking - Events

  • FAQ

  • Event calendar

  • Chat function

  • Picture carousels / Picture gallery

  • Multilingual website

  • Podcast Player

  • Sell pictures function

  • Sell digital products

  • Payment features

  • Facebook Chat (messenger live)

  • mm.

Why choose us?

We give you 15 important reasons

The market's sharpest tools

Personal service

Mobile adapted

Why Vanjos

Our Price

We offer an affordable solution without compromising on quality. The platform has a very favorable price and choose to pay per year or month.


Do you have no nice pictures? No problem, you get an image bank with hundreds of beautiful pictures. All are included in the price of the platform!



Do you need a website with several languages? It is easy to set up several languages ​​on your new website. We can help you with that or we will teach you how to do it. You decide!


Do you have no nice pictures? No problem, you get an image bank with hundreds of beautiful pictures.

All pictures are included in the price of the platform!


We teach you to work with your own site. You decide the scope. Some need more help and we will be there as long as you need us.


Websites for companies always look different. Some need 5 subpages and others 30. On your new website you can create an unlimited number of new pages. So you can grow at your own pace.


You own the website. No service agreements with us are required!

You decide on your own page and can work entirely with it yourself.


You always have an updated platform and website, completely automatically. No cumbersome manual updates needed!


Do you need a form?

For customer questions, evaluations, competitions, registrations or something else. We create tailored forms to your needs.


We are always ready to give you support. You decide for yourself how long and how much. We are available by email, Teams and telephone to provide support.


We promise a stylish and unique design, adapted to your wishes. Modern, retro, colorful or stylish, we give you the most stylish look.


Do you want to show your employees, objects, treatments or something else in a nice list that retrieves information from a database? We can fix it or show you how to do it.

Why choose us?

We give you 15 important reasons

WIX Partner logo 2020.png

The market's sharpest tools

The market's sharpest tools

Mobile adapted

The market's sharpest tools

Personal service

The market's sharpest tools

Mobile adapted

Mobile adapted

The market's sharpest tools

The market's sharpest tools

  • Kan jag göra om/flytta min gamla hemsida? Can I move my current website to WIX?
    Det går alldeles utmärkt! Vi kan flytta all innehåll som det är eller göra om den till lite fräschare med ny layout. Du bestämmer! Yes you can! We can move the content as is or we can do something similar with touch of something more fresh, you decide!
  • Tar ni ut månadsavgift? Do you have a monthly fee?
    Nej, vi tar ingen månadavgift. Men själva plattformen har en månadsavgift som kostar ca. 170 kr/mån. Då ingår alla uppdateringar (automatiska) och allt förvaras tryggt i molnet. No, we don't take monthly fees but the plattform has a fee, wich is about 17 euro, you can choose to pay per month or per year. Everything always uppdated and safe stored in the cloud.
  • Är det enkellt att använda hemsidan själv? Is the adminstration easy?
    Absolut! Hemsidan bygger på dropp & drag funktion så du har koll hela tiden på vad du gör. Vi utbildar er/dig i hur ni kan ändra och jobba på hemsidan själv. Det är superenkellt att byta bilder, lägga till texter, skapa nya sidor och ändra i färger osv. Vi vill att du som kund ska känna dig helt fri med din nya hemsida! Yes, it is! Really easy! The website is build with modern drag and drop function so you always see what you are doing all the time. We teach you to manage your own website. It is super easy to change pictures, texts, create new pages, change colors and fonts, and the best of all, we teach you how to do it your own. Our goal is that you will feel confident with your new website!
  • Äger jag hemsidan? Do I own my website?
    Sjävklart. Hemsidan vi utvecklar är 100% din egen. När vi har gjort den klar kan du göra precis som du vill med den. Behöver du hjälp någon gång så hör du av dig så hjälper vi dig, om du behöver hjälp. Ofcourse. The webpage we do is 100% yours. When we are done with the design you are free to do what you want with your site. If you get stucked or need help with something, just give us a ring and we will help you.
  • Hur mycket utbildning behövs det? How much education do I need?
    Det är väldigt individuellt och beror på lite hur mycket du själv kan. Som sagt är gränssnittet rätt så enkell men som med allting nytt så behöver man ju lära sig att använda verktyget. Vissa klarar sig med en timmes utbildning och andra vill ha lite mer. Hur som helst så kan du boka mer utbildning när som helst om du skulle köra fast. The amont of education is individual, it depends how handy you are. The adminstration is easy, but you still need to lear how to use the tools. You can buy the education by hour, when you need it.
  • Kan ni hjälpa mig med annat? Can you help me with something else?
    Jajamen. Utöver att skapa hemsidor kan vi hjälpa dig med annonsmaterial, enklare logotyper, bilder och andra typer av grafiska/marknadsföringsprodukter. Vi kan även erbjuda dig proffsig mejl, lagring och kommunikation då vi också jobbar med Microsoft Office 365. Vi kan också hjälpa dig att komma igång med nyhetsbrev, olika sociala nätverk och mycket mer. Fråga oss! Yes, we can! We also do logo, marketing material and we can also create you a pro e-mail with Microsoft 365 with other features like Teams, sharing and restoring. We can also help you to start with a newsletter and much more, just as us!
  • Finns det integration med andra säljkanaler? Is the website/platform integrated with other sale channels?
    Ja, det finns integration mot Amazon, Ebay, Etsy. Du kan också koppla din shop till facebook och instagram och ha koppling till Pinterest. Yes, you find integration to Amazon, Ebay, Etsy and you also can, if you are selling something show your shop on facebook and Instagram,
  • Hur fungerar ett fast pris? What is included in fixed price?
    Vi erbjuder fast pris på våra hemsidor. Det betyder att vi tillsammans går igenom era behov, vilka funktioner ni vill ha på hemsidan samt vilken design ni vill ha. Därefter kommer vi med ett prisförslag. Då kan du som kund känna dig trygg och får veta precis vad hemsidan kommer kosta. We can often offer a fiixed price for a website. That means that we can togehther calculate, when we know what you need and want, a fixed price for you. So you can as customer feel safe with the price. Sometimes it can be difficult when customer has special needs to give a exact fixed price but we always can give you a estimated price.
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