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New website: Hairdresser & Beauty

Is beauty your passion?

Do you work as a hairdresser and do you need a new website with an integrated booking system? Or are you a therapist in beauty and body care and want to improve the exterior of your business?

Regardless of the type of business above you run, you can probably not work from home and when you work, you do not want to be disturbed by telephone bookings but still want to be able to receive bookings around the clock. We offer a stylish, simple and modern solution that fits your business perfectly! 



Every business has a story, and your visitors want to hear yours. A good looking website is a great place to give your customers a background on who you are, what your team does and what your business has to offer. Tell us about how you started and share your professional journey. Explain your core values, your commitment to customers and how you stand out from the crowd.

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Website with booking function

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What you need is included

You choose - we fix!

Choose our package Website PRO or Website Classic

2. Choose whether you want to use Google's calendar for your staff, or Microsoft Office 365 for Business.

Contact us and order the services

PRO is best suited when you want full assistance from us. Classic is suitable when you want to do more yourself on your website. Both have the same opportunities and the same platform, the difference in price depends on how much help you want to pay for.

Then it's time to choose add-ons.

Booking function

In your case, it is a given that a booking function is a must. This feature allows your customers to book an appointment 24/7 via your website and you will receive an email when a booking is made. The function of course syncs with your calendar where you decide which times are bookable and that no time that is booked can be booked again. 

You can offer several different treatments / times / prices, all nicely integrated with your new website.

There are two different technical solutions

a) WIX Bookings . Requires Google calendar for staff as well as a WIX website with subscription where bookings are included.

b) Microsoft Bookings . Requires Microsoft Office 365 Standard, Premium or E3 / E5 license, to use the calendar in that system. Has the advantage that the function can also be used independently or on any website type, so there is no need for your website to be on WIX. If you have (or should have) a WIX website, a subscription to WIX of a cheaper type than all of the above is required. Plus, of course, you get a lot more for your business with Microsoft Office 365 as well.

Add more

All WIX websites can be added with several pages, several functions and several apps so that your page can grow with you.

And best of all, we teach you how to manage your website, if you will.  

Price from: 640 EUR

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