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We offer training in website development, Microsoft 365 and marketing. With the right education , you can make better use of all the resources and tools available and do more things yourself, if you want. We have been collecting useful information since 2012 and are happy to share the knowledge with you. We have given lectures at many different forums from Start Up companies to multinational companies and their staff. We offer training to both individuals and groups, both large and small.


Do you need help with inspiration or just a little advice to become more visible. Many times we end up in the same rut and have difficulty finding new ways to find new customers and increase sales. If you want to create your own page on our platform, we can train you how to do it. You do not need any previous experience, we will teach you how to do it. Do you need a sounding board and tips & advice? Let us create your new website and let us come up with concrete suggestions for you to test. We promise to always think outside the box and do our utmost for you to succeed.

Microsoft 365

Book training for all staff about Microsoft 365, selected parts or an overview! Let  we inspire you how you best use the different ones  tools within MS 365. Whether you need more knowledge within a program, more conviction and inspiration to move to the cloud or if you need to learn more about MS 365, we are you  best partner when it comes to knowledge about MS 365. We know everything about MS 365. We also offer inspirational lectures and  tailor-made online courses etc. Delivery takes place either digitally or with us on site at you or at any location.


Whether you are advertising  digitally or in a local newspaper, your photos and messages are important. Let's learn  you to create stylish ads for both print & web  that suits your company and your customers.  Do you want to get started with newsletters to your customers? We can teach you how to create a template that is easy to use to create great looking newsletters for your customers. Do you want to learn how to create your own business cards, posters or brochures. We can show you sharp tools that do not cost the shirt and that go a long way anyway.

Useful education

We help you understand

Do you need to learn how to manage your website or do you want to get better at Microsoft 365. We will help you.


We love what we do and we want to teach you to develop the best and most of the various tools available to help all companies and associations. We have tested most things so you do not have to and we have learned a lot along the way. We can help you choose the best and most affordable products to make your business a little easier, more fun and more efficient.


We can teach you to create stylish ads for instagram, facebook, magazines or wherever you want. We can train you to become professionals in managing your own website. And we can also teach you why the inside is also important by offering you training in Microsoft 365. Whether you are a beginner or already have Microsoft 365, we are absolutely sure that we can teach you a lot of new things.

We have worked in and together with small and large companies. Our shared experience covers many industries and has given us invaluable knowledge and expertise and we give you all our best tips and useful advice.

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