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Collaborate in Teams

Microsoft Teams is the platform we use for our collaboration.

Here we can meet, chat and work with files.

Teams you can ride with

  • Teams app (Windows, Mac, smartphones / tablets). Best.

  • Teams WEB app (no installation, just a browser). Good.

The most important collaboration functions in Teams

Replace email with POST . These are done on a channel

2. Put FILES to be shared in a channel

Each team in Teams has at least one channel. Channels fulfill the purpose of dividing the team into several parts for better organization.

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  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram


Drag new files from your computer, or

  • Create new content

  • Upload many files or entire folders

Open files to view or work with them by clicking on the file. There are three programs to use for it:

a) Teams built-in app

b) Office on your computer

c) Web apps

All files are version managed and saved in up to 500 versions automatically.

Name the files as sensibly as possible so that others understand what they contain.

Search for content from the search list at the top of Teams

Teams skapa ny fil.png

More tips

Vanjos are serious about safety. This means that you need to confirm that you are you in some way, a two-step login is required to participate in the collaboration in Teams.

If you currently use Teams for other things, you need to change organization in Teams to focus on Vanjos when you work with us (planned to be easier, Microsoft is constantly updating Teams with new features).

Read here about how about two-step login and change of organization .

There are lots of tips and tricks around Teams, one place to start is to ask for a customized training from Vanjos, another to teach yourself, e.g. by starting here .

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