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Uppdaterat: 11 sep. 2020

EDGE in Windows 10 is now replacing the first version of EDGE that was included by Microsoft years ago. The NEW EDGE is Chromium-based, meaning that it is 100% compatible with most websites today. And that includes even older Internet Explorer only websites.

Above: EDGE with view set to Office 365 AND Informative. Search BOTH on internet and on the internal sites you have in Office 365. See also latest changes of documents and more right on the new tab in Edge.

A nice feature to mention is the USERS feature. Chrome had it first, now the same feature exist in Edge. Use USERS when you need to have different environments with different users for same web application. I do that a lot as a consultant.

WHY a new EDGE?

First: Security. It is raised (again) so the new Edge is even more secure than before.

Second: Features and compatibillity. Lots of nice features makes it eaiser to use the web, and you never will get compatibillity problems - all sites to work as expected.

Third: SPEED. The new Edge renders pages faster than ever. Fastest of all browsers of today.

My recommendation: Use the new EDGE, you will like it. Even if you do not use all features, you will benefit from a faster experience and likley also better compatibillity, eg. all sites you use will work without any problems. And let EDGE update it self as needed, you see an icon upper right that notifies you that it is time. That makes your internet and intranet expericene be as best as it can today.

How to get it

The update is automatic on non-managed Windows 10 computers. Organistions that manage updates internally can postphone the update if needed.

EDGE is set to default on new Windows 10 installations, and you can set it to default if you have another as default today. Default browser can also be set centrally on mananged computers.

EDGE is also availible on other platforms, such as iOS and Android. With the feature to synchronize your bookmarks you will can use them on every device you have.

Read about the news in EDGE:

You can get into problems using EDGE if:

  1. Windows is not up-to-date. Make sure your Windows 10 is up-to-date and no older than 18 months. Microsoft changes the syntax for version numbering "all the time" (bad) but if you have less than 1903 you must upgrade. Even if you have 1903 you should do a manual Windows update because you should have got a newer version automatically by now, perhaps something is wrong? For autumn 2020 you should have 20H2. Current format for version number of Windows 10 is now YYHH where YY is the year, and HH is H1 or H2 - e.g. Half-1 or Half-2 of the year.

  2. You have a anti-virus program that is not up-to-date. For example Symantec AV older that 14.2 blocks Edge and prevent it from working. Solution: Upgrade your AV-application or remove it and let Microsoft Defender protect you. Defender is built in to Windows and cost zero and is as good as all other AV-products.

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