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Long live EDGE = Internet Explorer die

May 19 2021 Microsoft announced that Internet Explorer will be dead - soon. At last, many says.

What shall you do?

  1. Begin use EDGE today.

  2. Set EDGE to the default browser.

  3. Remove the shortcut to Internet Explorer.

  4. Do not open Internet Explorer anymore - use EDGE.

More information

Microsoft EDGE that is included in Windows 10 or can be installed separately if not is the replacement. EDGE detects when you use a site that depends on Internet Explorer mode and then use its IE-engine so you can use that site, without open Internet Explorer. For all modern sites it uses it Chromium-engine instead. The Chromium-engine is fast, faster then Google Chrome, and have many features you may like.

The timeline


May 19 Microsoft announce the Internet Explorer retirement day

August 17 Microsoft 365 and other apps end support for Internet Explorer


June 15 Internet Explorer for the desktop is retired

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