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Only Outlook supported (IMPORTANT)

Starting from January 2023 Microsoft will automatically turn off old unsecure mailprotocols for ALL Microsoft 365 customers all over the world.

Effect: Only Outlook is supported as the mail client (e.g. Modern Authentication)

Why: Security reasons. Protocols listed below are easy to hack.

Supported mail clients:

  • Outlook Web client:

  • Outlook for mobile and tablets (install from Google/Apple "appstore")

  • Outlook for Windows

  • Outlook for MacOS

Note: Always use latest versions. Old versions may not be supported.

Make sure you do not use other type of email clients, as they most likely will not continue to work with mail in Microsoft 365. All email clients that are using IMAP or POP are to be considered as unsecure apps, and continue use them may lead to that your account and/or data will be hacked, deleted or worse.

What will be turned off - disabled?

Old unsecure application protocols that use "basic authentication".

Protocols that are in scope for disablement:

  • MAPI

  • RPC

  • Offline Address Book (OAB)

  • Exchange Web Services (EWS)

  • POP

  • IMAP

  • Exchange ActiveSync (EAS)

  • Remote PowerShell

Not in scope for this disablement (no changes):


Do you want help?

Perhaps you are unsure what you use, or want to disable the protocols now before Microsoft do it when you do not know. Contact Vanjos for assistance!

Reference: Microsoft

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