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Share a WIX account

If you want to share the WIX account with someone else, then it's good to know how it works. I think it is somewhat 'blunt' to deal with the rights, but there are opportunities to set rights so that both high security and ease of use are achieved. But it may feel complicated to understand how it works, feel free to ask an expert for help.

Vanjos - partner with WIX and Microsoft

I've listed some important things to know if you want to share WIX account with someone. You have to judge for yourself whether you think it's a good idea or not. My opinion? Don't share WIX account with anyone, especially if your business doesn't have the same owner.

Vanjos is a Partner of WIX and has delivered many WIX solutions to customers in Sweden and other countries. If you choose Vanjos as a partner, we will help you succeed with your investment in digital marketing.

  1. To access and manage WIX, you need a WIX-account

  2. A WIX-account is free

  3. The WIX-account have an email address as its identity. You can have one WIX-account per email adress.

  4. The WIX-account can be connected to a Google or Facebook account

  5. There can be only one(1) owner on a WIX-account. This owner have all rights on all web sites on the account.

  6. Each WIX-account can have one or more WIX web sites. There can also be other services connected such as domains or WIX Ascend. Some of such services are connected to the WIX-account, others to a WIX web site.

  7. A WIX web site can be delegated to another person. This person must have its own WIX-account. Upon delegation you enter the target persons email adress.

  8. There are several levels or rights to delegate. The WIX-ownership can not be delegated.

  9. Delegation is always done per web site.

  10. Multifactor authentication is unpractical if you share the WIX-account. You can only have one mobile number assigned as possible text-message number.

  11. Everyone that knows the login credentials for the WIX-account can:

    1. Set/change restore mobile number (security for lost password)

    2. Change passsword

    3. Activate multifactor authentication

    4. If you are two persons that share the WIX-account, one of them can effectivly lock the other out if password is changed or multifactor authentication is set.

  12. Connect the WIX-account to social logins (Google, Facebook) can be done per WIX-account, not per web site. There can be only one-to-one accociation between the WIX-account and Google/Facebook. This do not affect web sites settings for Facebook, but may affect marketing activities and/or search optimizations.

  13. Payment methods

    1. Payment methods can only be set on WIX-account level. All persons that have access to the WIX-account have access to the credit cards that are there (for payment of WIX services).

    2. Delegation to use a payment method can be done per web site to person(s) that have the "billing manager" role assigned to them. This person can then use the credit card for buy things to this WIX web site.

  14. The WIX-owner account may invite a user to work on a web site and define what rights such person should have. If set, this person may invite other persons to that web site.

  15. The WIX-owner account may delegate permission to manage WIX subscriptions per web site.

  16. Only the WIX-owner account can delete a web site.

  17. Only the WIX-owner account can duplicate or transfer a web site

  18. If WIX-Payments is used, only the WIX-owner account can manage that

  19. Only the WIX-owner can remove a domain from a web site, or change domain connection on a web site.

WIX defines how each predefined roles works here:

Advantages to NOT share a WIX-account

  • Only you have control on your WIX account

  • You can deside (per web site) what other people you will grant (or revoke) any rights to

  • You can use multifactor authentication

  • You have full control of the use of your credit card (you may delegate if needed)

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