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Uppdaterat: 6 juni 2020

I will publish articles on news and how-to actions on Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 has been around since 2011 and even before that using the name: BPOS. And from 2020 the new name is Microsoft 365. I will continue to say Microsoft Office 365 for a while, to let people who have been around for a time to better know what I am talking about.

Microsoft 365 does exist both for organizations and for personal use. In this blog I will only cover the organization/company version of Microsoft 365.

I have a passion to help users and organizations to use Office 365 the best way, and I will help you to get updated on new features on that.

I work as an Inspirer and Cloud Expert on Microsoft 365.


For those of you who will use Office 365 for the first time I suggest you follow the steps below. Use your computer, mobile or tablet. And use any modern web-browser, as long as you use the latest version of it (or at least "not so very old"). I use Edge as the default, because the Edge browser is fast, it supports integrated login (re-use the logged in user on the computer).

A) Make sure your account is connected in the default web-browser:

  1. Open

  2. Login if required with your Office 365 username and password, username=email.

  3. Verify that you have a number of apps on the top to use

  4. Open Outlook (for web) from this page, follow the wizard to set language and timezone

  5. Use the apps as needed


B) Connect the installed Office to Microsoft 365

If you have a license to install and use Office for the computer, first install it from if you not have done it yet. The best Office is the subscription version, but any version from 2013 and up will work for now. With the subscription version you will always automatically have the latest version installed.

Then, do this

  1. Open Word

  2. Login to Microsoft 365 using your email and password (if that is not happening automatically as it can if the computer is configured that way)

  3. Verify that you have access to your OneDrive for business and SharePoint by going to FILE then OPEN. You should see those locactions there, under your company name. If not, Click on "Add a location" and select OneDrive for Business and login with your email and password.

You can now begin work with file collaboration. You can OPEN and SAVE files directly to the online storage locations. The default (for new Office versions) is to save to OneDrive.

There is more tips and tricks on using Office 365, for example use Teams to work with files in a group. Teams is the easy way of working, in a group of people or even on your own. And perhaps you want to access files the old traditional way, from the Explorer view? Then you shall use the synchronization feature of Onedrive. I will cover all that in later posts.

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