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Teams overview

Microsoft Teams is the app to use for

  • Collaboration. For example in projects.

  • Communicate. For example Chat and Meet.


You can do chats and calls both to internal people in your organization and (if not prohibited by your IT department) also with external people. The default is that you can do calls and chat with anyone. The other part must be using Teams or Skype Online, or your IT must have added a bridge to other platforms. If you add the "phone-license" you can even call standard telephones from Teams, and people can call you from a telephone where you answer using the Teams app. The Teams app can be used on mobile and tablet also, you can take calls, do chat and attend Teams meeting using this app.

Digital Meetings can be done with anyone, they do not need to have a Teams license, and they can be internal and external users. Participants can use the computer, the mobile or a tablet as they wish, and if they have the Teams app installed that application is used. Otherwise they attend the meeting using the Teams web app - without any installation of anything. Leverage features such as video and audio, screen sharing and whiteboard. In large meetings the presenter can mute all other particpants easy. Record the meeting, do chats, share files and more. Teams meetings are perfect for

  • planning a meeting and share content before the meeting, chat in advance

  • do the meeting (and share, chat etc even now)

  • after the meeting, access everything, even the recording if that is done

Live meetings is another type of a digital meeting. You define producers and presenters whom can do the "show", use audio, video, screen sharing and more. Participants can only watch the show. Features such as pause, goback and replay can be done by the participant as well as enter questions by text. Live meetings are also recorded, possible to see later for those who missed the starting time.


Teams is excellent to use for collaboration. In each team you create there can be as many Channels as you need. In each channel you by default have:

  • Posts - Do rich conversations with the members using pictures, attachments, emojis, gifs and more

  • File repository - Work together on files, even simultainiously, and be safe that at least 500 versions of each file is kept - easy to revert to if needed.

  • A menu to which you can add a big number of applications, that helps you to do all work within Teams without switching application

  • and more

Each team can have up to 10.000 users (extended from 5000 in May 2020!). A participant in a team can be a Member or an Owner. Have at least two owners in each team, it makes it easier if anyone become sick or leaves the company. Members can not add new members, and have lower rights than Owners.

You can add Guests to a team, make it possible to collaborate with your customer or other people outside your organisation. Guests do not need to have a Teams-license - in fact they do not need an Office 365 license at all! Guest access can be turned on or off by the IT administrator, who can also fine tuned Teams settings to meet your organization needs.



You can learn Teams by yourself, for example by clicking on the HELP QUESTION MARK in the Teams app. And there is a lot of articles and videos on Teams on the internet. Need someone to talk to, to help you on your needs? I'm here, I can help, just ping me or do the traditional call or mail. Or schedule a training session or engage me in your ADOPTION project. My experience is that most organisations needs inspiration and/or training and a "push" to make the most out of Teams, as its a New Way of Working Together.


Adminstrators and Stakeholders can benefit to engage a consultant to get the most out of Teams for the organisation. For example begin the usage of Teams, handle changes, transform from Skype or other technologies and configure the service as needed. There are quite a lot of settings to know about - how to best adjust Teams for your organization. You can contact me if you need help on this, or want to have a discussion on the configuration challenges, or other other topics around Teams.

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