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You are safe

In this pandemia days all of us that are using Microsoft 365 for mail can be safe that the recently threat that affected Microsoft's mail servers is not an issue for Microsoft 365 mail users. Thanks for that!

But for all those out there that have thier own Microsoft Exchange server, you may want to wonder. Isn't it time to move it all to the Microsoft Cloud instead? Move to something other than Microsoft and still use on-premisse servers is not an option. Most likely you will be in risk anyway. The Microsoft 365 is your best option.

Want to discuss this, or get help or start your migration? Vanjos is one of many partners that can help you, just drop a message or call. Afraid of the cost or complexity? Let me mitigate that. Still not sure Microsoft 365 is the best? Lets to a workshop on that. Or do a Proof-of-concept with a free trail. Options are endless, and as a benefit you will get so much more than just the safe mail in the cloud using Microsoft 365.

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