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WIX Website

We are professionals at WIX and offer tailored websites for companies and associations.

Whether you have already started with a page on WIX or want a brand new website or move your existing website to WIX, we can help you! We adapt and tailor each website to your needs and wishes.

We call ourselves WIX Experts and have worked with WIX for almost 10 years. Our designers are good at thinking outside the box and offer cool solutions with experience from several different industries.


Keep up the good work

So we can help you with what we are best at. With many years of competence and nerdiness, we take on your assignment with the greatest commitment - which gives you time for other things. Our design method is about simplifying and streamlining. We build with creativity and finesse, to create flexible solutions that can expand as your business grows.

We always try to calculate the best price for your company. And we train you to deal with your new website and offer our best tips on the purchase.


We are always here to help you if you get stuck. Everyone is different, some need more help than others, we come up with suggestions that suit you. We offer customized solutions for support, you get and pay for what you need.


Let us help you increase your company's visibility and profitability.

All our packaged solutions includes

  • Dynamic website

  • Unique Layout

  • Professional web design

  • Mobile adapted

  • Pictures & Graphics

  • Subpages

  • Connection to social media

  • Google maps

  • Search optimized

  • Slideshow - Slider - Video

  • Contact form

  • Statistics via Analytics

  • DNS Connection

  • Always updated (automatically)

  • Always on

  • Dynamic & modern websites

  • Works on all devices; computer, mobile, tablet

  • Lots of solutions to plug in

  • Takes a short time to adapt compared to other solutions

  • Lightweight, visual editing tool (Wysiwyg)

  • With WIX, your business can grow, no coding needed

  • Gallery with photos & video

  • Finished, customizable apps and more

  • Help Center

  • Multilingual support

The WIX platform offers many opportunities

Curious about our prices?
Do you need help with marketing?
Do you want to email as a professional and keep track of your customers?


Do you need a website that nicely shows who you are and what you offer and how they find you. A contact form and map can be a good start. Awesome design and layout are included in all our pages.


Do you run a hotel, B&B or rent a room? With the booking app, your rooms are available 24/7 and it gives you a professional appearance.


Do you work as a broker? On your website, all your objects can be displayed nicely and professionally with a database function that is also nicely filterable.


Do you work as a hairdresser, therapist, coach, photographer, plumber, builder or something else. For you, we recommend a professional booking function.


Lectures, concerts, workshops, excursions or trips? With event management, you get all customers nicely in one place and can charge directly.


A picture is worth a thousand words. If you produce a picture or film, there are many different ways to showcase your work. You can also sell them directly online or have a booking feature for photography.


Is food your passion? We add one or more menus, table reservations, online food reservations and catering services to your website as you need it.


For associations and groups. Do you need a community on the web? Do you want to be able to chat, see each other and share your information in a closed or open company? There is an app for that!


Do you rent out yourself, cars, offices, tools, or anything else? But a good booking function that is linked to your calendar is available to you whenever you want.

Travel Blogs

Everyone is different

Add what you need
  • Blog / News

  • Chat

  • Menu

  • Booking function

  • Event

  • Store

  • Form

  • Database connection

  • Social links

  • Showcase

  • Digital sales

  • Image galleries

  • Slideshow

  • Several pages

  • Calendar

  • Login protected pages

  • Community

  • Donations

  • FAQ

  • Multilingual support

  • Popups

  • SounCloud - Spotify - iTunes

  • Comments

  • Visitor analysis

  • Music & Video

  • Newsletter

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