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Unpacking Shoes


What type of shop do you need?

Do you need to get started quickly with a simple shop or do you want all that extra? We work with both WIX E-commerce and Ecwid and can tell you everything you need to know about them.

We call ourselves Experts and have worked with both WIX & Ecwid for almost 10 years. We help you choose a platform that suits your needs.


Sell ​​on Amazon, Etsy, Facobook & Instgram

With Ecwid, you can sell directly from your shop on both Amazon and Etsy and have the stock synced directly. Both WIX and Ecwid can be connected directly to your Facebook and Instagram and you can sell directly where your customers are. At WIX E-commerce, you can also sell dropships with Modalyst professional platform, you set your own prices and your own delivery rules. Get access to hundreds of thousands of products without having to have them in your warehouse.

We can also help you calculate prices for your products / services, help set up different payment options and everything else that is needed when you start your online shop.


We are always here to help you if you get stuck. Everyone is different, some need more help than others, we come up with suggestions that suit you. We offer customized solutions for support, you get and pay for what you need.


Let us help you increase your company's visibility and profitability.

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Wix Brand


Stylish & Professional

Get the flexibility you need to manage your webshop from one and the same overview. Whether it's an e-commerce site, dropshipping products, a Facebook store or something else, you have all the tools you need here. Customize the design of your webshop and reach customers via desktop and mobile. Choose from 500+ fantastic templates with professional built-in business tools. Get hundreds of design features and effects, create beautiful product galleries and develop your brand online. Set up your shop window exactly the way you want it with stylish product collections, product galleries, wish lists and more. Expand your product range and choose from thousands of quality products with Modalyst's professional dropshipping platform. Set your own prices and delivery rules.

You can easily make changes to keep track of market trends and maximize your profits. Manage your store from a single platform and sell to anyone, anywhere - including Facebook and Instagram. Manage and keep track of your inventory, market products on all sales channels and communicate with customers on any platform. Offer your customers secure payments at checkout. Choose from many different payment providers and methods, including Wix Payments, PayPal, credit and debit cards and cash. Find a provider that suits your business and receive payments in over 40 different currencies.

Some highlights with WIX E-commerce:

- The shop integrated in WIX for a nice linked look
- Manage website and store from a single platform

- Sell directly on Facebook & Instagram

- Many templates to create a page that suits you

- Connection to Modalyst's dropshipping platform

- Add other WIX apps as needed such as a blog, multiple pages, event management, booking or anything else you need.


WIX + Ecwid

The best of both worlds

You have designed a fantastic website, now you add powerful e-commerce function to Wix with Ecvid's easy to install and complete shop. Ecvid's Wix Store Module seamlessly integrates with your current WIX website and offers a lightning fast, customizable e-commerce solution that requires no installation fees or transaction fees. Increase your Wix e-commerce potential instantly and take full control of your Wix online store with Ecwid. The Ecwid & Wix integration offers a wide range of useful features that make shopping easier for your customers and product management easier for you without any restrictions. Your online store works quickly and smoothly with Eciwd lightning-fast AJAX interface. You can also easily manage your inventory and promotions, choosing between different payment, VAT and delivery options. You can also customize the look of your store, use over 50 in-store translations of store languages, offer promotions and more, while keeping your customers on your site. Ecwid also offers you the unique ability to seamlessly synchronize your Wix online store across your Facebook page, multiple websites and matching mobile website, which you can easily manage from a control panel.
Some highlights with Ecwid & WIX

- The shop integrated in WIX

- Sell directly on Facebook & Instagram

- Many templates to create a page that suits you

- Connection to Modalyst's dropshipping platform

- Add other WIX apps as needed such as blog, multiple pages, event management, booking or anything else

- Sell directly on Amazon and Etsy

- Complete website and shop with many good features

ecwid shop


Fast, easy & standalone

Ecwid allows you to easily sell anywhere, to anyone - over the internet and around the world. Controls everything from a single platform with centralized inventory, order management and pricing. It does not get easier than this. Create a new web shop from scratch in just 5 minutes with simple, customizable design tools, or quickly add an online store to your existing website with technology that instantly mimics your current design. No coding or software installation required. Transform social sharing into social sales. Easily add and sell products on your Facebook and Instagram feeds so customers can surf and shop from their favorite social media channels.

Get a piece of the $ 200 billion circle of market integrations for eBay and Amazon. Sell seamlessly across the most popular marketplaces directly from your Ecwid dashboard. Accept payments in store and on the go with PayPal and 52 other sales systems. And best of all, stock levels are automatically updated in your Ecwid account so that all your stores are perfectly synchronized.
Some highlights with Ecwid:

- Quick to set up

- Can be posted anywhere, your current website, facebook, etc.

- Simple interface

- Sell directly on Amazon and Etsy

- Complete shop with many good features

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