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New website: Services / Projects

Are you selling a service?

Do you work as a carpenter, plumber or maybe an electrician? Or are you an accountant, working on various projects or are you an entrepreneur? For you and your company, a classic website with information about you and your company and where you are and how to get hold of you may be enough.

We offer a stylish, simple and modern solution that fits your business perfectly! 



Every business has a story, and your visitors want to hear yours. A good looking website is a great place to give your customers a background on who you are, what your team does and what your business has to offer. Tell us about how you started and share your professional journey. Explain your core values, your commitment to customers and how you stand out from the crowd.

Blue Print

Classic Website

Förnya väggfärg

What you need is included

You choose - we fix!

You choose which website package is right for your business.

For your business, a Unique Website may be enough. You need an appealing page that represents you and your company in an easy-to-understand & neat way. If you want, you can always add add-ons as well, now or later if the need arises.


In your case, it is a given that your website has contact information and perhaps a contact form. If you have a physical address, we can add a visual map so that the customer can find you easily. What you need or want, nicely integrated with your new website. 

Add more

All websites can be added several pages, several functions and several apps so your page can grow with you.

And best of all, we teach you how to manage your site, if you will.  

Price from: 590 EUR

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