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Tatuerare at Work
According to several surveys, marketing and acquiring new customers is what most small businesses considered to be the biggest challenge.

Marketing - Effective and Simple

Find effective ways - an ongoing process.

Do you need help with inspiration or just a little advice to become more visible. Many times we end up in the same rut and have a hard time finding new ways to find new customers and increase sales. Book an appointment with us and let us come up with concrete suggestions for you to test. We promise to always think outside the box and do our utmost for you to succeed.

Whether you are advertising digitally or in a local newspaper, your images and messages are important. Let us help you create great-looking ads that suit your business and your customers. Do you want to get started with newsletters to your customers? We can help you create a template that is easy to use to create great-looking newsletters for your customers.

A cool design does not have to cost the shirt. Do you need a logo, business card or poster? We offer design help for a reasonable price for all types of companies. Let us take care of design proposals for your company so you can spend your time on what you are best at. We also create custom, simpler logos for Facebook and Instagram.

Spend your time on the right things - What are you best at?

Whether you are about to start a business or have already run a business for a while, we are here for you. Being an entrepreneur can be hard at times. To always perform at the top, regardless of whether you sell products or services. Taking care of the whole company yourself can be stressful and finding new things can be difficult after a while. Let us come up with new fresh ideas and give you a new energy and push you in a new direction.

Surely it is both economical and convenient to do everything yourself? But what will be the result then? We advocate choosing what you want, can and have time to do, the rest someone else can do. The day has only 24 hours and of course you want to have time to live a little too. Everyone, like you and us, are small business owners who sometimes need a little help and someone to talk to.

Do you have an idea and need a partner to talk with? We can help you evaluate your idea and help you get started. Our own journey began in 2012 in the countryside in Matfors, just outside Sundsvall (Sweden) and today we have customers in several places around the world.

Do you need help or just someone to talk to?

Emergency line

We offer tailor-made packages with advice, inspiration, training and tips
Online Utbildning

Personal training online


Do you want to learn simple methods and with easy tools to create cool ads, both digital and print. You can learn how to create your own logo and custom images for your social channels or posters and brochures, etc.

We teach you!

We are using an outstanding product that is also free.
We teach you how to use it!

Fråga en expert

Tailor-made advices


Do you need help, have questions but no answers? We can help you! Book a consultation where we help you find out how you can lift your business to new heights. Whether you already have a business or are considering starting one. We have tested most things and can provide valuable information and inspiration on your journey. We are here for you!

Manliga och kvinnliga studenter gör skol

Suggestions & inspiration

Inspiration & Tip

Do you want input about your page, profile or something else about your company and visibility on the internet. Are you stuck in old ruts and want to find new ways? Have you lost momentum and want a push in a new direction? Maybe you are open to new ideas regarding your business?

We can help you find new ways, specially adapted for your company.

Talk to us!



Capture & Process

If you want the opportunity to capture e-mail addresses and then send newsletters, we can help you. We set up a structure that you can use to be able to gather new potential customers in a nice and efficient way and then process them with, for example, newsletters.

globalisering koncept



Surely you want to be perceived as a serious company? Having a professional email is important, we think. Using free email services can be perceived as frivolous and they are also easy to cheat with. If you get O365, you get so much more than just email. Ask us, we know what you need!


Online meetings


Working remotely is more relevant than ever. Being able to meet one customer, or several online is easy with Teams. To meet, hold courses, trainings, training or whatever is possible. Teams is a professional tool included in Microsoft O365.

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