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Does your app crash?

My Outlook on my mobile did not start. Or I should say, it started and after "a second" it closed. The same happend with some other applications. Very frustrating.

Now I know the reason, and perhaps you have the same problem on your Android device. The error is because an update of Android the intruduced the catch-22 scenario. When the update was installed, it introduced the error, and because the error the system could not update the app for you.

This is the solution:

  1. Uninstall the UPDATE for Android System Webview

  2. Uninstall the UPDATE for Google Chrome

  3. Install the latest / current update from Google Play for both above

You will not loose any data.

Some help as a screenshot (taken after I did the above - e.g. your version number is most likly lower then this):

Above: In Swedish, but click on "Avinstallera uppdatering" (EN: Uninstall update) when you are about to uninstall. Do the same for Google Chrome. Remember to install the updates from Google Play after that.

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