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First time with Microsoft Office 365?

There are many ways, and shortcuts. One that always work is

  1. Start your web browser

  2. Write, press enter

  3. Find the "Log in" button, click it

  4. When asked, enter

  • Email-address

  • Password

A few tips and tricks

  • Use one of this web browsers:

    • Edge or Chrome (PC)

    • Safari works on Mac, iPad, iPhone (Edge/Chrome is OK)

    • Firefox do not support audio and video for Teams meetings, otherwise OK

  • Save password to minimize the number of times you need to login again (Microsoft will ask now and then for security reasons)

  • You will need to login more than once if you use apps such as Word, Excel, Outlook etc. Each app have its own "channel" and require login

  • Company connected computers may be easier to use, because you are already logged in to Office 365 in many sceanrios on those

  • Your username is nearly always your email, but not always

  • If you use two-factor login, you may want to read more about that here

  • Set a bookmark to - to get back easy

Always save in Microsoft Office 365

  • So you are safe, not miss something

  • You can access all your files from any device

  • You can share files when needed

  • Store your personal files in OneDrive (företag)

  • Store files you collaborate with others on in Teams

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