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Microsoft Teams is best

(Which I've known for a long time!) Now Techradar has tested and concluded that Microsoft Teams is the best choice when it comes to collaboration.

What is not clear from the article is that with Teams you can actually do what some of the other listed tools do. E.g. chat, have video calls and meetings and keep track of project activities. Even if Teams does not have a full project planner tool built in, "Tasks" (also called Planner) is often enough. And if you want, you can buy Microsoft Project Web and integrate it into the Teams app, and then you get full support for project manager functions. Good huh!

When we carry out projects with our customers, we always do it with Microsoft Teams. Customers often participate as guests in the teams we create for the project. As a guest, no license is needed, so it's free, and the guest can use Teams in the same way as a paying Teams user.

The Microsoft Teams I and Techradar are referring to is the one included in the Business version, not the one available as a free alternative. The free version of Teams lacks some features that I think are good to have.

Video source: Microsoft

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