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New price for Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft will raise the licence prices from 1 Mars 2022. At the same time it will be possible to get a lower total price, when you commit for a longer period and buy from a Cloud Solution Partner.

What is know now is:

Microsoft 365 Business Basic (from 5 USD to 6 USD)

Microsoft 365 Business Premium (from 20 USD to 22 USD)

Office 365 E1 (from 8 USD to 10 USD)

Office 365 E3 (from 20 USD to 23 USD)

Office 365 E5 (from 35 USD to 38 USD)

Microsoft 365 E3 (from 32 USD to 36 USD).

This changes will be global, with local adjustments on some regions when you buy directly from Microsoft.

Microsoft change the way you buy licenses in Januari 2022 when you buy from a Microsoft Partner. Microsoft have named the new way of buyting NCE - New Commerce Experience. This will simplify how you can buy licenses and will give better control and more for you as a customer. One change is the possibillity to commit for longer period(s) and get better prices due to that. Vanjos prices for license with support will be changed - contact us for current information.

Why increase the price?

Since its launch a decade ago, Office 365 has grown to over 300 million commercial paid seats. During this period many new applications and features has been added, with out a bigger change on the price. For example we have been given; Bookings, Lists, Planner, PowerApps and Power Automate. And not to forget TEAMS - a success world-wide.

Microsoft launched Teams in 2017 as the only integrated solution where you can meet, chat, call, collaborate, and automate business processes—with the power of the Office apps—all within the flow of work. In 2020 alone they released over 300 new capabilities and that continues. Please book a consulting or training with us to leverage Teams and/or other features you already have in your Office 365 license.

Other areas worth mention is increased support for security and compliance, as well as all new features around AI and automation.

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