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WIX Bookings and Microsoft

At last! Now you can use a Microsoft 365 calendar with WIX Bookings.

This allows the staff who service services in WIX Bookings to use their calendar in Microsoft 365 for Business so that no bookings can be made when the staff is busy.

Initially, WIX only supported Google as a staff calendar. Quite recently, support has been added for using Microsoft as a calendar.

I've tested the integration with calendars available in the Business and Enterprise versions of Microsoft 365 and I can confirm that it works. However, with a little more to be desired. According to WIX, the free variant of Microsoft calendars is also supported, where the user uses a Microsoft Account, e.g.,,, etc., but I have not tested that. My interest lies in making it work well with the Business and Enterprise versions of Microsoft 365, as an alternative to using WIX Booking instead of Microsoft Bookings.

The calendar sync works, however, WIX has not yet added support for creating Teams meetings, but you can easily add it yourself to a booking.

Syncing has its flaws:

  1. A booking from WIX Bookings is saved in its own special calendar (in the person's account) called "WIX Bookings"

  2. The booking is not created as a meeting, it is created as an appointment, thus there are missing details such as who participates

  3. The details of the booking is WIX storing in "body", but not very neatly. It lists the person's email address and phone number

  4. The booking is saved in UTC time, i.e. the details on the booking show the time wrong. However, it gets booked correctly in the Outlook calendar, so when you look at the day / week view, it looks right

  5. It's a one-way sync, i.e. don't try to change anything in Outlook!

In addition, it is still the case that WIX does not support "all" calendars when a client has booked - the only thing available is "Add to my Google calendar". Silly, it should be support for "everyone", in any case, provide the opportunity to download a .ics file that is standard.

Furthermore, it can feel a bit awkward to reschedule, all such handling must be done in WIX, it cannot be done in Outlook. It is "only" a copy of the booking that is shown in Outlook, the original is always in the WIX environment.

Despite the flaws i like that WIX Bookings now can be used in conjunction with a Microsoft calendar. It looks great on the website with WIX Bookings, and you can live with the flaws that exist.

If you want a more comprehensive description, contact Vanjos and you will receive a white-paper. If you need help customizing WIX Bookings with Microsoft 365 for Business, we're happy to help.

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