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New, modern website, a working professional email or intranet or do you need to learn more about Microsoft Office 365? Vanjos offers services in Microsoft 365 and web design. We offer professional help regardless of whether you need a new website, intranet, e-mail, training or want to move the office to the cloud.

Our strength is that we are great at web design and Microsoft 365 and we are good at brainstorming new ideas and creating new ideas and imparting knowledge in an inspiring way. Vanjo's experience, knowledge, skills and curiosity will help you succeed! We strive to inspire and build close relationships with our customers, to create success together. Vanjos offers flexible IT solutions for both small and large companies.


    We build a new website or move the company's old page to a new location. We adapt and tailor each website to your needs and wishes. If you need to add a shop, event management or booking system or something more advanced such as a database connection, we will fix it too!

    With us, you do not need to sign an annual contract with us, but can completely both own and manage your own environment!


    We are professionals at Microsoft 365, that is more than "just" professional email. How about online meetings, collaboration areas with files and more, customer management, chat and calls and much more. We promise to teach you how everything works! We also promise to contribute a huge amount of imagination and give you our best tips.

    Do you just need someone to brainstorm your ideas with? We are happy to listen and provide inspiring feedback.

  • E-MAIL

    Surely it is the case that a professional email seems more serious than a g-mail or hotmail? We think so! By professional email, we mean that it is your company name that is displayed after @ wound here: kalle@dittföretag.se. 

    With email in Microsoft 365, you get e.g. 50 or 100 GB mailbox per user, unlimited mail archives, shared mailboxes, excellent protection against malicious email. And that is the highest level of security and integrity.


    Microsoft Teams is one of the market's most popular apps for online meetings and group collaboration. Teams are part of Microsoft 365 and can be used anywhere on computers, smartphones and tablets. Guests can be invited and these do not need a license. HiFI audio and video as well as maximum security so no one can hijack you. With Teams, you get a single tool for all collaboration, And add  to that integration with other things such as business analysis, own or third-party apps and more. Teams is available in both a paid version and a free private version (reduced features).


    We offer both individual training and ready-made packages for you who want to learn how to deal with your new website. We think it's good for you to be able to make changes and maintain your own site. At the same time, we are there if you need it and get stuck.

    At Microsoft 365, we conduct custom training, demonstrations and inspirational lectures. Microsoft is constantly changing and improving, hire us to keep up. If you are new to Microsoft Office 365, we will teach you how to best work in the new way in the modern digital world.


    Do you want to learn how to create cool ads for facebook and Instagram? We can teach you how! Or do you want help creating a marketing plan, sending professional newsletters or something else in marketing?


    We promise to contribution with a huge amount of imagination and give you our best tips.

    Do you just need someone to brainstorm your ideas with? We are happy to listen and provide inspiring feedback.

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