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Join a Microsoft Team meeting

You should be in a Team meeting - Congratulations!
It's easy - the principle is:

Teams meeting


Get an invitation link


Click on the link


Follow the guide and connect


  • Make sure you have "good audio". Good microphone and speakers, or a headset e.g. So that others and you hear well.

  • Connect any external audio equipment to your device before connecting to the meeting and then the system will have time to configure the technology for you. If you connect external audio during the meeting, sometimes Teams fails to activated it automatically - then you need to manually switch device within the Teams app.

  • Connect to the meeting preferably a few minutes before. Connect 5-15 minutes before if this is your first meeting, so you are sure to be on time if there is any hassle. It may take a few minutes to install the Teams app if you choose to use that. The Teams web app also need some minute to configure.

  • Many people in the meeting? Turn off your microphone and turn it on when you say something. Use the "Raise your hand" button to request the word.

  • Talk one at a time, show respect

The TEAMS app is available for Windows, MacOS, iPad, iPhone and Android. The instructions describe how to do this in Windows.

Teams look the same

- installed as an app or in the browser

Audio and video often work best with the Teams app compared to Teams in the browser.


You can install the Teams app on PC (Windows), MAC, iPad, iPhone and Android devices, both phones and tablets. You can install the app before the meeting or from the invitation link.

The web app is used in modern browsers on Windows and MacOS

Controls in a Team Meeting


Explanations of the menu buttons

Click or move the mouse across the screen and the control menu will appear

More information

Want to know more about Teams?

Teams is available both as a payment service, usually used by companies / organizations all over the world. Teams are also available in free versions - a variant for private use called families. You can do most with the paid version, the free version have some limitations.

Microsoft Instructions: Join a Team Meeting

Quick overview of Teams (video, 15 min, English)

Vanjos helps you get Teams and use it. We provide training and carry out implementation projects (adoption) for companies / organizations of all sizes. Evaluation versions for companies are available.


Feel free to order "Assisted trial", a service where we for a short time help your company to "squeeze and feel" on Teams and the rest of Office 365 to make it easier to decide the next step to the new way of working. Feel free to order inspirational lectures and demonstrations as well, we can!

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